Documentary Film Production

Visual display  which lasts for one hour or more , or series of sections , which review events, documents and statistics , using the testimony of experts and specialists through conducting documentary interviews . Documentary films offer evident and proofs , and they are produced professionally and perfectly in order to convince the targeted group and completely explain the company’s point of view.
The documentary production center offers various modern solutions which reflect  the good picture of companies and special sector, according to their goals and targeted group. It offers also suggestions to feature those films using multiple effective medium.

The documentary films are used with different forms including :
To review  the history of the company during a specific phase or since its establishment.

history Documentary Film :
Companies care about their curriculum vitae and their history which is full of achievements , and they try to spread it using several methods . Curriculum Vitae film reviews the establishment of the company , and  its most important phases and achievements and challenges , and it preserves the efforts of those who has served the company and sought for its development.
Hence, companies are interested in documenting their history, reviewing the most important developmental phases , the opportunities utilized by the company, and how risks were avoided by investing the company’s strength points.
Those films are featured in several means, and presented as a gift to the guests . The companies invest their special anniversaries like 25,50 and 75 years anniversaries in order to parade their success factors and achievements.

To monitor projects and achievements.

Projects Documentation
All companies are interested in documenting all their projects step by step to preserve them and for future use, using either documentary films or presentations. Like buildings construction , inaugurating new production lines , infrastructure construction, and implementing projects.

The center has various solutions and suggestions in this field and we are pleased to provide a detailed presentation about your projects , we are glad to receive your requests , to contact us .

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