Organizations worldwide

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC are considered among the important countries for investors in the world, due to their high purchasing power and broadness of middle and rich classes, where the first important steps for any organization to achieve its economical goals inside GCC , are  to win confidence through an effective and systematic  communication plan.

The documentary production center offers its services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , GCC and middle east countries. The centre works with selective group of bodies within all middle east countries in order to implement services with best quality and within the broadest section. Our services include:

  • All services of public relations and audience communication
  • Journalistic publishing
  • Commercial Services
  • Advertising Service
  • Producing visual works for television and the internet

The centre is distinguished by a team of professional experts in the field of efficient local audience communication services, who will work to deliver your messages and achieve your goals effectively with high professionalism. Among the sectors we seek to work with:

  • Organizations working in the field of tourism activation
  • Organizations working in attracting investments and economy development
  • Organizations who seek to prove themselves in the markets of GCC and middle east countries.

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