The Documentary Production Center is specialized in producing various documentary films. These films are produced in specialized and professional studios to ensure the highest possible quality.
The Center produces documentary films that address social problems and issues facing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among the issues and problems being addressed are poverty, education, health, and economic issues. The center also offers films specialized in addressing issues facing today’s youth, women, and children. The documentary films are characterized by being an effective mean to highlight the organizations’ efforts and achievements , and an important tool in the awareness and education campaigns.
The documentary production center is considered to be specialized in documentary filmmaking in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has achieved a remarkable growth since it was established by designating a consulting group comprising an elite experts with multiple expertise, in order to provide modern solutions which suit the clients and integrate with their public relations plans.

The center provides the following services:

  1. Documentary film production
  2. Producing Presentation
  3. Coverage and documentation of conferences, exhibitions and parties.
  4. Studios Equipment

The center targets public sectors , semi-public and private sectors , charitable and humanitarian institutions , media institutions where it provides customized services for each sector.

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